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Sisters of the Desert Sun Read Junot Diaz for June 2018

It was one of those afternoons.  I spent it searching for the next great read for SDS.  After an endless parade of bookstore listings, author websites, and literary events, I didn't expect to find a title for our group.  But I did, buried between the lines of a scathing blog about Junot Diaz that admonished the author for his untoward behavior with another writer I absolutely adore.  My initial reaction was, "No way!  Junot Diaz caught up in the Perv-nado ?  Is he even into women?"  But indeed he is.  I read the blog.  Twice. Putting my judgment on hold, I searched for additional information.  I wanted to know who, what, where, when, how - I needed to know.  I never liked to think I am one of those types of fans, following celebrity news, becoming emotionally invested - angry or hurt when they do not live up to my expectations - but I suppose when it comes to literature, I AM that type of fan!  I texted friends, called family ranting and raving.  (I almost went so fa

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